Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Testing 1-2: The Goods! x Jay Perez

Last month I got together with my friend Jay Perez, to shoot some fashion flicks for one of his classes at the Academy of Art College. He said he had a donkey mask and a tiger mask and I went from there. I instantly thought of fanciful dresses and frills and lace! And of course some 80's elements. I have some older pieces in my collection...Victorian, teens and twenties and I've always wanted to use them esp. since they are literally disintegrating! Not my fault, it's the way I found them but some fabrics, esp. silks, do not stand the test of time unless stored in an archival fashion...which can be very costly! But, that's another post. So here's what we came up with and some of the behind the scenes antics!

Jay's final work...
the goods, jay perez, treasure island, victorian

the goods, jay perez, treasure island, victorian

And some behind the scenes action...

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