Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...JACKPOT!!

Been back from Vegas for awhile but wanted to share the "jackpot" of my hunting in LV. Chanel goodies galore...handbag and jewels from the 90's shoes are modern but we don't hate on Chanel...ever. Big win in my book any day!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here, There and Everywhere.

So, August and September were Fashion over-load...With two weeks in NYC (on two separate occasions) one being for Fashion Week and a week in Vegas for tradeshow madness, there was lot's of fashion happenings, outfits galore and some of it got caught on camera.

In Vegas...I was reunited with one of my favorite ladies...Peggy Noland and enjoyed her world of "kidult" fashion.
The look: Vintage 70's "Kilroy Was Here" beater tank, 70's Gucci belt and 80's Z.Cavarrici's

Ran wild with Ms. Radio Rose of ATWG...
The Look: 80's OP hooded tunic paired with "doin' it" skeleton leggings and O.G. Vision Streetwears...and please note the O.G. Cazal's are for function...not just fashion

New Yorkin' It Out...

Caught on Highsnobette...See more here.
The Look: vintage silk cami, vintage Versace stretch jeans, Chanel cuff, 70's MoonBag and D & G spiked heels.

Caught again by Samia of HB at the MadeMe party with everyone's favorite Ninja Cat, Aerosyn-Lex...
The Look: 80's 'Kansai' one piece jumper with zip-off sleeves, earrings by Fleathers

And again by Samia at the Ladies Lotto NYC meeting...

The Look: 80's Nike Jordan tank top, 70's Gucci belt (Rock It Retro) and my can't live without Z.Cavaricci's

Wrtitten up on Stylist.com and snapped by longtime friend Paul O'Valle at the Rad Hourani SS '09 show...
The Look: vintage cashmere cardigan, Jeremy Scott tank top and vintage army pants.

Fancy Non-Pants night out for the M.O.B. party and then the E-Luxury Fashion Week Party...
The Look: Gabriella wears dress and heels from The Goods!, Michele is rocking a sexy lil number from Rock It Retro and I am outfitted in earrings by Chanel, 70's Pucci dress, Wolford hosiery and shoes by Louis Vuitton.

And one more night-out on the town for the Mishka Party...Caught by Last Nights Party guy, Bronques...

With the homie Micheal...

And one last time with Diplo and the fanciest pants of them all...Aerosyn-Lex.
The Look: Airbrushed beater tank from the Jersey Shore, earrings by Fleathers, vintage checked BBD worthy pants, insane vintage Nina lightening blot heels and 60's clutch as long as my arm, no joke.

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