Monday, March 31, 2008

Nina Goes Home.

So part of that thang I do is aid in the acquisitions of vintage pieces for brand archives. I help the lost find their way home. This is an important part for maintaining the brands history but also as a resource for design inspiration for future designs. Here are a some of the styles that have made their way back home to the Nina Shoes archive in NYC over the past couple of months. Also included is an article from Footwear News magazine. They speak with 3 design houses that are actively seek items for their of those being Nina Shoes!

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, NYC

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, Archive

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, Archive

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, Archive

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, Archive

These ladies found their way home to join "red" ;)the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, NYC

Nina also houses shoes from the I.Miller company, here are two pairs from the 50's/60's...the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, NYC

the goods, vintage clothing, Nina Shoes, NYC

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Re-Up: NYCity

So, my excuse for falling off this time computer died, for four days I was without a computer because my ac adapter plug died and therefore my battery couldn't charge...and then I was in L.A. doing a photo shoot, which was pretty non-spot and then, and then and then...Just have been busy and techo challenged. But I am back. So...I re-stocked New York 2 weeks ago, hopefully there is still somethings left. I know the NY weather is still a little on the chilly side but you best get a jump on your Spring/Summer wardrobe because you know how NY does it, it get's HOT and fast and you, my dear lady, need to be ready to go!!!

Daha pumps up the jam with heels of all heights (and sizes)!!

And das boots...

"Get it right" over at Marmalade...

And the super re-stock over at Valley!! They will be bringing out over 70 pieces the next few weeks and I've now included shoes, boots and knick-knacks to the Valley Mix!!

And the boots don't stop at Zachary's Smile...

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Goods! at Girls Love Shoes

Girls Love Shoes or GLS is a retail store and archive located in NYC's Lower East Side. Owned by sisters Zia and Dana Ziprin, they have taken a ladies love for shoes and created an dreamland of wall to wall vintage shoes!! I am pleased to be apart of this vast collection of shoe goodness and hope you can experience it for yourself on your next trip to NY. If you can't make it to NY, lucky for you they recently launched there on-line store, so you have no excuse! See the bounty of shoes I just brought out on my trip to NY this past week.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Paaaarty, Shoppping Party!

Please note the title of this post is to be sung to the tune of the Pizza Party game jingle from the late 80's/90's.

I Hosted a shopping party at my house this past Sunday for my lady friends. It was good times. Here are the pretty ladies that came out and some of The Goods! that got away...

And some Goods! going to Japan...

Help is on the Way!

And by help I mean INTERN! And by intern I mean Jessica! And by Jessica I mean amazing!! Yes, last week Jessica (pictured below) jumped on board to help out at The Goods! camp. It is much needed and appreciated help!! Jessica is going to help get The Goods! in order and it's going to be incredible. Thank-you Jessica!!

Oh, and yes "membership" has it's privileges...