Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Kites & Feathers' Grand Opening!!

Last November Kites & Feathers quietly opened their doors in Venice, CA. Owned by Brazilian duo, Helen Nishimura and Carla Manuel, the two teamed up to create a shopping experience of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and a place to showcase Manuel's label, Kites by Carla Manuel. This Saturday, March 1st, is the official Grand Opening event and you are invited to attend. See some of The Goods! you'll be able to grab!! Congrats on the store Ladies!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Recent Battle.

Some weeks ago I woke up at 3am, to line -up at 4am to wait for 6 hours in the rain for a mega sale. I was not the first to arrive but the second and by 930am the crowd had grown huge. I think I did pretty well for myself. This early bird got plenty of worms!

I came out with all of this...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the Winner Is!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I recently did a
give-way on M.I.S.S. Crew and I've selected a winner!!! Actually I picked two, it was tough competition!! It was so great to read peoples stories about growing up thrifting or hunting at yard sales...tales of Mom's and Grandmother's sharing a love for the secondhand shopping and the items that people still covet to this day and where they came from. Here's the winners coveted vintage items...

Read the full story
here and see just what it took to "Get The Look"!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...Weekend Warrior.

I managed a little shopping over the weekend...Took today off from shopping and back on the road tomorrow...What a long couple of weeks it's been.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...Day 5.

So today was a bust as far as time for shopping went. I saved time for dinner with a friend and then we got mani/pedi's, pampering is always important. But thank God for Saver's and their late night hours. Being open until 9pm allowed me a little shopping on the way to visit my family.

What Happens in Vegas...Day 4.

More quick shopping. Seems sleep and the tradeshow circuit have been eating up my time!

I have all the love in the world for "tiny dancers" aka little feet. I don't hate on the small sizes. All these beauties are 5.5's (excpect for the jazzy loafers). I've been know to buy 4.5's too...if it's sexy, I'll buy it.

What Happens In Vegas...Day 3.

Ok, brace yourself for this one. Are you ready?? I'm sure your already sitting but just in case you aren't you better have a seat. Ok, situated?? Here goes..................................I didn't shop today. Yes, I am as shocked as you are. But I took a day off from the hunt. It just had to happen. So, I worked the tradeshow circuit and searched for people rocking vintage. Here's what I can up with in the footwear deparment.

And this is the BEST!! I love encountering people rocking their 'ish. And by that I mean: I have owned this item since it was once new, I continue to utilize this item beacuse i like it and it serves it's purpose. Like the older couple I recently saw at the JFK airport pulling their vintage Gucci luggage off the carosele. Below is Dr. K (a bonafied retired doctor), rocking her O.G. Cazele's like no bodies business. That pink tint is so serious, I almost fell over. She kept telling me that they are older than I am, all while directing people to the appropriate charter bus to their desired location. If only she knew have half the peeps in the "Streetwear" section would pay a pretty penny for them. Yet, for Dr. K, they continue to serve as shields from the sun and wind as well as keeping her lookin supa dupa fly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...Day 2.

Did some quick shopping's what I came up with...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...Day 1.

Rolled into Vegas yesterday. I was dead tired but the booty waits for no one so you know I had it in me to get my hunt on! Hit up 5 shops (not all put out) before I had to get all dolled up for a belated Birthday, New Years, early Valentine Day, pre St. Patty's day dinner. Can you say gnocchi with lobster? what. So, yeah back to the come ups...It was fast but goes...

A little Gucci never hurts...I'm thinking this might have been a perfume give away/purchase with purchase type of thing back in the day...It's super cute...seems to be too good to be fake but not quit up to par to have been an item for sale in a Gucci Boutique back in the day. Although the house of Gucci did go through a time when they tried to make a more affordable line, hence all those grn/red striped vintage bags you find that are peeling apart. Who cares...i love it.

Second stop...That's some vintage Betsey Johnson in the back there...

A pit stop at Savers gives a little love...

And the last stop before dinner was giving it to me like no other.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Fear & Clothing in Las Vegas" by WRG? Magazine

It's already been six months and it's time to set out on the road to do the thing in Las Vegas! WRG?
put together this little video from the last trade show season and The Goods! get's a little shout! It's gonna be a good week for blogging, so stay posted for my Vegas finds. Oh, let's keep our fingers crossed for amazing footwear in large sizes!!! And vintage Thierry Mugler!!

Interview With a Treasure Hunter on The Coveted

Aaaaaaaaah, shucks! Jeannie over at The Coveted went above and beyond with this one, thank-you so much!! See the full interview here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

30 Years of BJ: A Retrospective of Betsey Johnson


2008 marks the 30th anniversary of Betsey Johnson's signature collection. This week my P.N.C., Alice Adams of Rock It Retro and I found ourselves at Betsey's F/W 08 fashion show at the tents in Bryant Park for Fashion Week in NY. Here's how the story goes...Alice has a store on eBay were she offers high-end designer and collectible vintage brands. While I was on my last visit to NY a week and a half ago, Alice comes bouncing onto my bed to exclaim "Betsey Johnson just bought my vintage Betsey Johnson dress from me!!!!" and she wanted to have it delivered to her mid-town showroom, not a problem. We delivered the garment and then found ourselves running the streets of NY and calling all the people we know in our vintage clothing network hunting down more pieces for her. As it turned out she was doing a retrospective portion of her vintage pieces at the end of her F/W 08 debut. We often think that designers have saved one of everything but that is a rare thing. Betsey talks about it in an interview with the Associated Press.

All in all Alice and I helped to acquire 3 pieces for the runway show, the Cherry print dress that was purchased from Alice's eBay store, the Tattoo print top I sourced from one of my favorite spot's in L.A. Squaresville and the black polished cotton hook and eye dress from NY's Frock. The story of the tattoo print top was magical...When we met Betsey and she explained what she was doing she started to pull out some of the vintage pieces her people had sourced, one item in particular was a pair of tattoo print hot pants, Betsey explained how she really wanted the top for the shorts. I remembered right away that I had seen the top on my last visit to L.A. and had only passed on it (I am a collector of the vintage BJ) because it was so faded. Not a problem, I bought it over the phone immediately and had it shipped out to N.Y.

It was a thrill and an honor to be personally invited to Betsey's show and watch our goods tromp down the runway. Here is the Retrospective portion of her show in it's entirety. Thank-you to for taking such lovely pictures (to your left) and I hope you appreciate my action shots to the right!

1978 Bloomer suit

1978 Bathing Suit

1982 Motorcycle Tunic, Motorcycle Jacket and Spider Skirt

1985 Gun sweater

1985 Gun Sheath

1982 Tattoo Top (The Goods!) and Shorts

1980 "Go Giants!" Football Maxi

1980 Mix-Up Mini

1983 Posie Peplum Maxi

1984 Toy Trapeze

1982 Violet Lace up Dress

1982 Skull Jumper and Shirt

1984 Hook & Eye Dressed (Sourced by Rock It Retro/The Goods! from Frock NYC)

1978 Keyhole sheath

1985 Tie Tope and Zip Maxi

1985 Zip Pocket Dress

1981 Cherry Dress (Rock It Retro)

1979 Flower Power Sheath

1985 Big Zip Sheath

Back Stage...

Inspiration Board of vintage Betsey ads...

Um ,that's Prince rockin' BJ...

And "Shake Set" in full effect...Alice and I in our fashion show fineries, vintage Betsey Johnson of course...



See the F/W 08 debut collection and picts of Nigel Barker at!!