Friday, December 28, 2007

Kanye West and The Shudder Shades

This post is soooooooooooo over due!!! I came across my O.G. pair of shudder shades some months back and was so excited to do this post...and then I misplaced them. That really isn't too hard in my place (for those that have been to my place you know what I'm talking 'bout) And then I found them and my black pair too, double score!! So, yeah Kanye West and those damn shades. What he's been rocking are a version of the 80's Shudder Shades/Glasses, this newer version are more of an aviator shape. I prefer the originals (surprised, right?)...way more computer-rock-weird-science and severe...just like the 80's. People, please stop paying outrageous amounts on eBay for these things. If you must have them (just like Kanye) then go to Shudder Shades and get a pair in one of six colors or if you are a true vintage aficionado go to Girl Props and get a pair of the original vintage version. Be true to your school. Old School that is.

The Origianl Goods! "Damn they don't make 'em like this anymore"

Stay posted for more catch-up posts!!!


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