Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Balenciaga "Edition" Line.

We all know (at least we should know) that fashion is reinventing the past. Putting your twist on by-gone eras, up-dating the old, and recreating what the fashion forefathers & mothers put down for us so long ago. Sometimes it's just bringing it back exactly as it was. The term "retro" has been used a lot the past few years, referring to the new version of the old, it's been mighty popular to dig in the crates and pull out the O.G. item and just offer it up in new color-ways and maybe some new fabrics. It offers a bit of nostalgia for those that lived it and an opportunity for those not even born at that time to live it up in the now! Well former assistant of Balenciaga, Ghesquiere, who actually requested the creative director position at Balenciaga and got it, is no stranger to what I am talking about. He has been holding down the reins for sometime and doing a mighty fine job, if I do say so myself! He's given the house a completely new image, and has only recently revived classic Balenciaga looks with updated fabrics for the new "Edition" line.

Here are the "Edition" sunglasses for Spring '07 available at Balenciaga boutiques for $395.
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Here are the "Original Goods" from the 70's. Price: N.F.S.
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And here are the O.G.'s again walking it out on the run-way for a Mama fashion show I styled last year, complete with vintage Norma Kamali leopard heels!
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