Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh so close!

Day 13: Sunday July 2nd

So, I sware I didn't plan it this way, sometimes I think I have
thrift store radar because it just so happened that I spent the
night right down the street from Savers "the thrift department
store" and a Goodwill!! So for breakfast I had a healthy serving

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I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the
Value Village family for recognizing the importance
of the Jumpsuit
by honoring it with it's very own section:
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Down the road to Goodwill...
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a couple of things in the basket worth mentioning are the denim
wash computer bag and that pink and light blue with white
all-over print thang in the middle is the most amazing
Adidas shirt you
could ever imagine (you'll be seeing the whole
thing in a later post).

And now I would like to take you along for the ride with the "cart
cam". This moment was totally inspired by the fact that A-ha's
Take on Me came on the store radio. I apologize in advance for
the not so smooth video-ing and for Goodwills unwaxed racks,
wich cause a nice high pitch screeching sound..otherwise, enjoy!!

Please note the brief appearence of the MAMA C.R.E.A.M shirt
in the video.
Yeah, Lupe and Chamillionare ain't the only ones
the Mama link!! If you don't know, you best get ta' knowing!!

After that excitement, it's back in the car for some more, you
guessed it...DRIVING!!! Quickly, but not more than 5-10 miles
over the posted speed limit, I got to my final destination for
the day:
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Much love and thanks to my homeslice Mia G! and her boyfriend
Ben (who is now also a homeslice) for giving me a place to rest me
tired bones before getting into "da City"!!


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